For all my beloved frnds especially those who
have lost their any loved one. I am really moved by death of my friend Arjun
Sen. Its like sumtimes I am normal and sumtimes I
am really very sad. Just can’t forget how heart
broken his parents were today. Nowdays just by
seeing face or eyes of someone for seconds or by
just imagining his/her situation for seconds, I get a deep look at that person’s pain. Friends today I really wish that may God
distribute my days of life and add them to you all’s
life. But still if ever such tragedy happens with any
of my friend I promise I wuld try my best to be
always there for your parents and family no
matter where in world they are. I knw it sounds difficult but I wuld surely do my best. Many of my friends have lost their father or
mother or sister or relatives. I can just imagine
what pain my friends would have gone through
by facing the reality that there is just no way and
no hope that they would again see and talk to
that person again ever in THIS life. Absence of hope in life is just so painful. Arjun’s loss is my first loss of friend himself. It
would be so painful for him to see his family and
friends cry for him but he can do just nothing
about it. Feeling helpless for not being able to do
something important is also very painful. Friends I may not be able to always say, I care, but
I wuld be always there for u and your loved ones. Lastly I want to tell you all sumthing about life. I
very strongly believe that we are here on earth
just on sum mission or a task or may be to give a
test. May be God sends us here on earth to test us
that how honest and kind and selfless and caring
life we live here on earth. We then go back home then. Our home is up there with God. There just all
of us are a giant family. We keep on visiting earth
with some of our family members of heaven. Our
that family members of heaven might be here on
earth be our farther, mother, brother, sister,
friends, life partner, relatives. We die. We again go up. We again come back with some other or same
family members of our giant heavenly family.
Coming on earth from heaven is like our daily
schedule of going to school, college, office from
our home and then coming home back in evening. Friends understand and believe in this life cycle.
My friend Arjun and your beloved ones who have
left u are at our home up in heaven with our giant
family and we all would meet them when we too
return home in evening. I have prepared a list of deceased loved ones of
mine and my friends. Every few days I would try
to remember all of them and others who left us,
by recalling their memories. Take care friends.

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