If you are a non vegetarian you must see these links!!

Hello friends. Sorry to share these violent links. But if you are a non vegetarian please see below links, especially the last video. I was myself a non vegetarian so don’t have any right to tell others, but I am trying to turn into a pure vegan (Won’t consume even milk products). Its not that i have narrow religious restrictions but i have now realised my responsibility towards other humans and towards animals. If this touches your heart, pls forward it and spread the awareness. Regards. Milan Soni. (milanhsoni.wordpress.com)

1.) http://features.peta2.com/making-the-connection/world-hunger.aspx

2.) http://www.peta.org/features/egg-industry-cruelty/

3.) http://www.peta.org/features/dairy-industry-cruelty/

4.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql8xkSYvwJs

The real meaning of Power

What do most of us understand by the word “power”. For majority of the world’s powerful people it is to do what they want and no one can even point finger at them. To do wrong things one doesn’t need so much of power as to do good things. One can molest or rape a girl and yet roam freely, thats easy, we often see such things happening, don’t we? One can make billions or trillions from his post in politics or from an unfair business, thats easy too. Such things are easy and you don’t need to be that so called powerful to do them because to do such things you don’t need to change current order of functioning of world, such things have been happening from centuries so you just need bit of power to wash your hands off from the crime you did and walk out with collar high. But the same power becomes very less when you want to do good things. Hitler very easily killed millions of people with his power and post, but if someone told him that give a good life to those millions, would he have been able to do that? Osama Bin Laden very easily collected people, funds and built his terror organisation and killed thousands of people but had he been alive and if someone asked him to completely close his organisation now and convince his fellow terrorists to surrender and become good humans, would he have been able to do that? Take any poorest nation of the world. Its ruler would be so rich and would be living a very extravagant life, but if someone asks him to give his nation’s citizens two times meal everyday, would he be able to do that? 
Leave topics of other countries, look at our own country. We see so many big corruption news, we hear of big people involved in rape, murder, mass murder, etc. For a chief minister or prime minister its easy to make billions for himself. But can he make his party men honest? If he does that, party men would take back support and his government will fall. Even top parties/politicians can’t speak against corrupt smaller parties/politicians as they would need their support to prove majority. A politician earns billions but at the same time he needs lot of money to buy others, to campaign, to pay gangsters at election times. So in such scenario many politicians would choose to be corrupt. A businessmen too has to pay bribes and bear many expenses. So he too would get involved in unfair business practices. Thats easy for them but you ask them to do business honestly, and most of them would say that they can’t make profit if they do business honestly. 

A person who can go against world order, all the people of world, thousands of hurdles and difficulties of world and still do something good for the world and mankind, is trully the real most powerful person of world.

My research on vegeterianism

My research on vegeterianism. Pls do read.

There are four main types of category of vegeterianism. Firstly Non-vegeterians who consume all or some form of animal products like meats, seafood, etc. Then there are ovo-lacto vegeterians, the one I am mostly, in it people consume just milk and eggs in animal products, then comes lacto-vegeterians who consume just milk in animal products and then comes pure vegeterians who don’t consume any animal product, even milk. Most of vegeterian Indians are lacto-vegeterians. Some strict people don’t consume milk as it too gives lots of pain and suffering to cow, etc. And in modern milk plants like those in USA they have sucker machines to take out milk from cows which are even more painful for them. Some people then don’t consume root plants like onion because inorder to obtain them much more bacterias are killed compared to those plant products which grow up on ground. We all consume animal products in medicines at times. Plus practically speaking one does consume micro-organisms daily. The complete non-vegeterians form majority percent of population of earth. Add to it those who consume eggs and milk, then the remaining percent of people, the pure vegs are very few. India has the highest total number of vegeterians. Gujarat and Rajasthan are more vegeterian states than others. KFC came last here, else I had asked them for franchisee years back but they had no plans to come in Gujarat then but now you see they are here and people are just fans of it. Infact KFC is one of the fastest growing fast food chains in India and world. The main thing of our country is except in east India and coastal areas, for most others, non-veg food is not something they consume as staple food, its an occasional delicacy. CNN travel said for India “Any country that manages
 to make vegetarian food taste
 consistently great certainly
 deserves some kind of Nobel 
prize.” But for many countries like those of Europe, meat is a staple. For Japan and Korea seafood is must. How can we expect them to turn veg? Its very difficult. Plus animal nutrients to some extent are needed by body. Many vitamins and protein rich sources are animal products. Consumption of non-veg food creates jobs,  is inline with food cycle, keeps check over animal population, plus keeps malnutrition under control. Humans first consumed anything that they found on trees. They later learned hunting when they developed pointed weapons. They much later learned organized and planned farming, agriculture and animal husbandry. As India and world citizens are getting financially more sound, the demand for meat is increasing tremendously. The best thing people of world can try do is to take non-veg food less frequently. Also we should try not consume en-dangered animals. Killing of few left whales/seals by Russia, Canada, Japan is thats why confronted by PETA and Greenpeace. Also consumption of dead human baby which couldn’t successfully take birth, is also hard for me to accept. Non-veg food has its negative side on human health. I am not that much with or against non-vegeterianism.


But the thing I am most against is cruel ways of animal slaughter and killing of not needed animals. Did you know that after breeding male chicks are killed by turning their necks or by a even more time saving and cost cutting way of grinding them live inorder to prevent expenses of transporting, feeding and providing shelter to them!! Why can’t they just leave those unneeded animals in open farmlands?! Then pointed front of ducks are cutted with hot cutters so that they don’t fight when in cage. Research shows this ducks remain in shock and stop playing and eating after this cutting procedure. They are finally then slaughtered.  Live birds are jam packed in small boxes in cage/battery animal husbandary plants. They are force feeded and force breeded. This birds never in their life breath fresh air or see sunlight. Its done to get maximum production in minimum time and minimum factory area. Animals are slaughtered without giving them any anesthesia. All these cruel methods should be stopped immediately my friends, after all these animals are as much alive as we are and they too feel pain. Take care friends. Thanks for reading.

Orphans in our world

Pls do read friends, it will take your some seconds. A not very perfect figure but there are 15.3 crore orphans in this world according to UNICEF’s defination of orphans in which a child with one parent dead is also called orphan. Out of it about 1.7 crore are such whose both parents are dead. Out of those some might have grand parents or other guardian or an orphanage or NGO to take care of them. Friends still there can be about 1 crore orphans in this world who need our help. Friends we can adopt one or two of such children when we are financially sound in future. There are some organisations which on a monthly donation of just about 1500 rupees from you, takes care of a child in some corner of the world. Friends the number of such orphans is decreasing in majority of the world but in Africa and other war torn countries like Islamic and middle eastern countries, the number of such illfated childrens is rising steadily. Its my aim in life to change this world, but even if i am not able to do anything big, i would surely start an orphanage one day.

Saw a list of world’s most polluted rivers, two were from India, the Ganges and the Yamuna. Few days back read about biggest landfills of world. Also read about the giant lump of trash flowing in Pacific which is larger in size compared to US state of Texas. By reading about all this and by looking at the vicinity around my home I feel so ashamed of acts of we humans toward mother earth. The video of MJ’s “Earth Song” flashes in front of my eyes everytime. The lyrics of that song urge us to look at what we humans have done to the earth.

Millions of ships remain drowned in waters of earth. Tonnes of sewage, industrial and household waste is dumped in ponds, lakes, rivers and seas every day. And now countries are dumping nuclear wastes in ocean beds. Oil spills just completely ruin entire ecosystem of oceans and beaches.

Crashed and abandoned cars and trucks can be seen on sides of every major road and highway of world. Few months back I was going Ahmedabad from Vadodara on my motorcycle. Just when city was approaching near, I saw a giant mountain. I wondered how come Ahmedabad has a mountain, I never saw it before. When I reached near it was a giant mountain but was made of the solid waste of the city. It was a giant open landfill and there were trucks dumping more and more of city’s waste there. From NY to Seoul, from Shanghai to Mumbai, just ever city and village of world has many such sites of landfills, sometimes maintained ones and most often just giant open heaps of waste. Polythenes, plastics, electronics, sometimes even old cars and trucks all end up in such landfills. This things naturally won’t convert back to basic elements of earth for hundreds of years until we recycle them. Unproper recycling of electronics, automobiles, ships, plastics, glass, metals too causes lots of pollution and mess.

There are rivers and ponds of world which have been polluted to the extent that they have just no fishes or aquatic plants left in them. This rivers have just died. Forests and trees are being chopped off to make space for houses, cities, industries, roads, highways, airports, farms, animal feed lands. Modern humans have inhabited earth from abt 2.00,000 years but the amount of pollution done in just last 100 years is so disastrous. There is just mess all around and its increasing day by day, second by second. Sometimes I feel coming of humans is the worst thing that happened to earth. Its not that no one cares, but the people who care are very few and then from them also many just don’t do anything to help awaken others.

If this continues then by the end of this century or even in coming few decades, there would be no forest or clean rivers left. Trees would be rare. Oceans and beaches would be nothing more than dust bins. Cities would be having tall buildings and malls but besides them would be slums and landfills. The top fortune 500 companies would be those active in processing air and releasing oxygen in it to make it breathable. Then the ones which would process sea water to make it drinkable. Deserts would have expanded tremendously. Polar and himalyan ice would have melted completely. Sea level would have increased a lot. There won’t be any animals/birds left except few in zoos. Our need for meat and fish would be satisfied by giant animal husbandry factories. There would be no nature’s beauty left in world, just humans and their manmade world.

Until we discover or develope some bacteria or micro organism or something alike which reaches to the depths of landfills, rivers and oceans and in very short time decomposes just all forms of discarded mammade stuffs and cöverts them to basic elements of nature, I don’t think there is any extremely effective solution to the pollution mess we have made.

For all my beloved frnds especially those who
have lost their any loved one. I am really moved by death of my friend Arjun
Sen. Its like sumtimes I am normal and sumtimes I
am really very sad. Just can’t forget how heart
broken his parents were today. Nowdays just by
seeing face or eyes of someone for seconds or by
just imagining his/her situation for seconds, I get a deep look at that person’s pain. Friends today I really wish that may God
distribute my days of life and add them to you all’s
life. But still if ever such tragedy happens with any
of my friend I promise I wuld try my best to be
always there for your parents and family no
matter where in world they are. I knw it sounds difficult but I wuld surely do my best. Many of my friends have lost their father or
mother or sister or relatives. I can just imagine
what pain my friends would have gone through
by facing the reality that there is just no way and
no hope that they would again see and talk to
that person again ever in THIS life. Absence of hope in life is just so painful. Arjun’s loss is my first loss of friend himself. It
would be so painful for him to see his family and
friends cry for him but he can do just nothing
about it. Feeling helpless for not being able to do
something important is also very painful. Friends I may not be able to always say, I care, but
I wuld be always there for u and your loved ones. Lastly I want to tell you all sumthing about life. I
very strongly believe that we are here on earth
just on sum mission or a task or may be to give a
test. May be God sends us here on earth to test us
that how honest and kind and selfless and caring
life we live here on earth. We then go back home then. Our home is up there with God. There just all
of us are a giant family. We keep on visiting earth
with some of our family members of heaven. Our
that family members of heaven might be here on
earth be our farther, mother, brother, sister,
friends, life partner, relatives. We die. We again go up. We again come back with some other or same
family members of our giant heavenly family.
Coming on earth from heaven is like our daily
schedule of going to school, college, office from
our home and then coming home back in evening. Friends understand and believe in this life cycle.
My friend Arjun and your beloved ones who have
left u are at our home up in heaven with our giant
family and we all would meet them when we too
return home in evening. I have prepared a list of deceased loved ones of
mine and my friends. Every few days I would try
to remember all of them and others who left us,
by recalling their memories. Take care friends.

Do we need Gold studded temples?

Saw today on crime show that how an Ashram and its Religious Gurus used to take out organs from and then murder its disciple kids.

We have other examples. Nirmal Baba, Nityanand, Asaram Bapu and Narayan Sai. The latter may be innocent till proven guilty, but they all have serious cases against them with lot many proofs. Nirmal baba was involved in black money scam, Nityanand in sex scam and now Asaram Bapu and his son Narayan Sai in rape, murder, bribery, black money scam.

This people are bigger criminals than corrupt politicians, businessmen and govt. employees as the latter just cheat nation of money, but this religious gurus cheat nation of not just money but also of its religious sentiments and trust. Who made these people rich and powerful??!! Offcourse we Indians, by purchasing their products and services and giving them donations. Those who say India is a poor country should see the property and bank balance of our temples, ashrams and religious gurus. Asaram bapu has almost 0.5 lc crore rupees worth empire and Satya Sai worth 1.5 lc crore. Padmanabhaswamy Temple has gold worth 2 lc crore+. We all know how much rich Tirupati, Shirdi, Siddhivinayak, Vaishnodevi, etc. temples are. We have gold studded temples and idols but food plates of our poor are empty. A temple should be clean, calm and peaceful. They don’t need donations of billions of rupees and tonnes of gold/diamonds.

Its high time we realise that helping hands are better than praying lips.

The gap between poor and rich.

20% of earth’s population uses 80% of earth’s resources (food,water,metals,fuels,miner als,housing,clothes,etc.) If the entire income of world had been equally distributed among all 7 billion people then everyone would have lived a life like that of an Indian upper-middle class family. When would the world understand that from 1 to 2 car and from 1 to 2 house, the third car or house is always of little or no use. If only people could understand that filling wardrobes with hundreds of clothes isn’t more important than filling stomach of poor, hundreds of people who died while i wrote this, would have been alive. Friends I have been reading and following articles and reports on all these from quite a while now. There are 87 crore people in world who are chronically mal-nourished..if we add to it those who dont have other basics of life like food,clothes,shelter,medicare,1$/day income,then it comes out to be more than half of world’s population. What can we do? If everything works well wuld soon do a work enough to satisfy myself that I tried. You too, I understand, have a conscience to answer to, that u do care. There are things we can do at present stage itself. We all have servants, sweepers, poor people near our vicinity. We can tell them to collect extra food daily from our home. Occasionally we can gather our old clothes, toys, books, medicines of basic diseases, etc. and drop them at nearby slums. That would be better task then going to temples on sundays. There are many such small things that we can do on this stage of life which can be very much lifesaving for the less fortunates. Friends I have seen a baby die. If only people had bit caring heart to give him some food he would have been alive today. May be he could have done sumthing remarkable for humanity. And there are hundreds such babies dying every minute. India tops this chart. Pls make others read the blog. If we could save one life, it would be worth it. Thanks for reading. Take care friends. Milan.

Love marriage, honour killing and the dowry system

Hello friends. Most of my friends are of 25 to 30 years age now. Its marriage season now. 20 school & college friends of mine tied knot this year. Within next 2-3 years most other friends of mine too will enter this 2nd phase of life. May God keep them all happy. But what I noticed here is that in our country, one of the most free country in world in individual rights, most marriages if not all, are arranged. I am not against arranged marriages, most of my friends & even my beloved sister did arranged marriage. But somewhere in my heart I have more liking for love ones. A wife or a husband is one with whom you would spend most of your life. Finding someone out of strangers just because your age of marriage has approached or because you are supposed to get married as per law of nature or just because everyone is telling, is bit difficult for me to accept. When you love someone, you want to spend all your life with him/her, make her smile whenever she is sad, want to take care of her all her life, & so you marry that person. Reason of marriage should be this rather, I feel. Neverthless as I said before, I’m not against arranged marriages. They have their plus points, one of them- elders with their experience, help get you a perfect partner.

My point behind this comparison is that love marriages, if not better, are definetly equally good & correct as arranged ones. Then why in India & in many countries of world, it is seen as a wrong thing by many parents & elders [my parents don’t mind whom I marry :-)]. Parents force their childrens to end their love relation. Many of my friends gave up on their love because of this. Reason behind most refusals by parents of my friends? One is Patel other is not! One is Marathi other is Bihari! & when I asked my friends that how can they let go such a precious gift of God, a true loving partner??!! The answer most gave was that they love their parents & can’t go against them. How shall I make them understand that they aren’t respecting their parents or proving to be an ideal son/daughter but are rather adding impetus to centuries old tradition of differentiating people in name of cast, class, colour, region, religion. I feel the only thing that should matter is that the person whom you choose to spend your life with should be nice by heart & with basic necessities of life. If child has found a wrong person for himself/herself then it is parents’ duty & right to show their child the correct way by making them understand. But many parents differentiate in name of caste/religion & then force their childrens. Some elders even go to extent of killing their child’s partner or their child itself. The evil is called “honour killing”, a act which can bring no honour but only shame. Had read at times that in some countries even police and local authorities don’t take steps against honour killings giving rediculous explanation that it is necessary for protecting their culture and heritage. What type of world we live in!! I request elders to stop forcing their childrens & rather try understand them. & I request my friends to take stand for their love, understand how scarce & precious true love is, & lastly when they grow up & become parents, show that same understanding towards their childrens.

Then comes the evil of dowry. Some say a daughter, just like a son, has rights on her father’s property so asking for dowry is correct. Other’s say that the boy is going to take care of the girl for her entire life & that the girl would benifit from boy’s job, education, belongings for her entire life, & so asking for dowry is correct. Ofcourse a daughter has equal rights on her father’s money as her brother has, but that’s a personal topic of a girl & her parents, how can husband come inbetween & ask for dowry??!! The evil of dowry is now so much frequently seen in India that except in many marriages in some western states its present in most other places. In arranged marriages in India dowry system is seen more as in most arranged marriages the boy’s family is seen having a upperhand over the girl’s family. Frankly speaking I too have given dowry in my sister’s marriage, a dowry that just every family of girl getting married gives, & thats the girl itself. What can be valuable to parents more than their daughter and to a brother more than his sister. Someone is sending a part of their heart & life to other family, nothing in world can be more expensive than that. I request everyone to understand this. Thanks for reading friends. Milan.